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Saving and Sharing

The values you input above are saved in the URL so you can save or share a recipe. I use this to start my notes each time I make bread. E.g.

Baker’s Percentages

Baker’s percentages represent the percentage of flour weight—not total dough weight.

Weight Vs Volume Measurements

Volume conversions are included because not everyone has a scale. They are inaccurate due to density, variation in standards, and human variation.

Fluid is accurately measurable by volume—so water should be—but the definition of a cup varies from place to place: 200 ml in Japan, 227.3 ml in Canada, 236.59 ml or 240 ml in the U.S., and 250 ml in Australia and New Zealand. There’s also Imperial Cups that come in at a whopping 284 ml. For water, I use the most common U.S. conversion of 236.59 ml per cup.

All-purpose flour conversions vary by over 20% just for U.S cups. For flour, I use 125 g per cup as it’s an average conversion and multiplies evenly.

For salt, I use 5 g per teaspoon which is reasonably accurate for kosher and sea salt and wildly inaccurate for table salt.

Leaven is the most yolo volume measurement—even if you assume it’s half flour and half water—the volume changes as it ferments. 200 grams is pretty close to a cup, though. And leaven is the most flexible ingredient.